Up you go! A High Rope Course in Tyrol

Action for your kids

See how far they get! In order to show what you can do on the picturesque high rope course in Kramsach in Tyrol, your children must be at least 1,30 m tall (4'3"). Tall enough? Then get ready for an adventure at dizzying heights ...

Then off you go, well secured with a safety belt and helmet up to the tops of the trees. At 12-17 m you need to be brave and self-confident, be able to communicate and prove your belief to conquer the obstacles.

Whether you choose to conquer the easy "eagle" tour or the more demanding "mammoth" tour - at the end of the day you are sure to have experienced a lot of fun and action. But not only this: you will probably have learnt a lot as well, about yourself and communicating with your friends. A great experience - not just for families!

your holiday at the 4*S Family Hotel Galtenberg and try to conquer one of the most beautiful and exciting high rope courses in Tyrol. Much more action can be found in our summer packages: your adventure is just one click away!