• Zwei Personen genießen einen Herbsturlaub auf einem Geländer mit Blick auf ein Tal.
    Picturesque landscapes, pure nature

Autumn holiday in Austria – at the 4*S Family & Wellness Resort Galtenberg

When the days get longer and the leaves start to change colour, you can feel that autumn is just around the corner. And with autumn: the autumn holiday!

A last chance to really discover nature again. To be out and about with the family. But also: time to enjoy. To find peace and quiet. Relaxation. Wellness.

With an autumn holiday in Austria and the Hotel Galtenberg in the beautiful Alpbachtal, all your wishes come true at once. In the best location, surrounded by an impressive mountain world, on a sun-drenched mountain plateau, the Galtenberg Resort is the ideal starting point and resting point for all autumn experiences.

Come and see for yourself the variety and range of activities on offer to make this autumn holiday the best autumn holiday of your life!

Plan your autumn holiday in Austria with great bike tours

Across fields and meadows, over hill and dale – it’s a real pleasure to experience the beautiful landscape and every mountain in person, especially at this time of year. With a robust racing bike, bicycle – or one of our e-bikes, which can be hired directly from the hotel – it is possible to experience a wide variety of routes on two wheels. Over 30 official mountain bike routes await enthusiastic cyclists who appreciate making the mountain terrain their own and making the most of autumn and the holiday season.

And there is plenty of variety: for those who like speed and sportiness, there are numerous tarmac road bike routes. You can even ride along stages of the 2018 World Cycling Championships and the Tour of the Alps 2023 – all in the midst of beautiful green landscapes. When you reach your destination and can take a deep breath and look up at the sun-kissed sky, you know that no autumn holiday will ever be quite like this one in Austria.

Zwei Personen fahren mit E-Bikes vor einem Holzhaus.

Experience a wonderful autumn holiday in Austria with a stick and boot

Sometimes you like to take it easy: taking time to really notice yourself and your surroundings. Especially when you’re on holiday and your surroundings are the most beautiful landscapes in all of Austria!

If you set off from our resort, you’ll be on one of many fantastic hiking trails in no time at all: with picturesque natural landscapes all around, incredible views and plenty of opportunities to stop off in between. Local mountain huts are the perfect place to pause for a moment, recharge your batteries, enjoy a break with local delicacies – and then continue exploring the wonderful world around you. If you want to set yourself a special challenge, we recommend the highest mountain in the Alpbachtal, with which we feel particularly connected: the Großer Galtenberg. There is probably no better panoramic mountain: discover it for yourself and let the seemingly endless view take your breath away!

Zwei Wanderer genießen einen Herbsturlaub auf einem Berggipfel bei Sonnenuntergang.

Retreat and tranquillity round off your autumn holiday in Austria

Do you know the feeling when you lie in your warm bed after a refreshing night – filled with restful sleep – cuddled up deep in bed and the world couldn’t be more perfect?

That’s the feeling we want to give you every day anew in our feel-good spa.

With beauty experts, heated pools, special massages and cosy warm body wraps, we do everything we can to turn your moment of happiness into a complete day of bliss. Of course, we also provide you with the softest, cosiest bathrobes, as well as comfortable slippers and fluffy bath towels. It’s not for nothing that we call our wellness area 7Heaven: here you will be heavenly pampered day after day!

Ein Mädchen bekommt während ihres Herbsturlaubs in einem Spa eine Gesichtsbehandlung.

A cosy and healthy autumn holiday: pools, sauna and relaxation zones

Whether after a long day of outdoor activities or simply as a central resting point on your autumn holiday: we make sure that you always have a warm place to relax.

The heated outdoor pool is the perfect mix for swimming enthusiasts who want to combine being outdoors with a sense of well-being. In wilder weather, there is the sheltered indoor pool and for the youngest guests there is the wonderful baby pool with an optimum temperature of 34° C. There are lounging areas and relaxation rooms all around.

For those who appreciate more intense temperatures in addition to the gentle warmth, our sauna area offers the ideal opportunity to alternate between exercise, pool and wellness. There is also plenty of choice here: outdoor sauna, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna and steam sauna are available to suit your personal preference.

Ein Mann und eine Frau genießen im Herbsturlaub eine Sauna.