• A single man is holding a baby up in the air.
    Single with Child

Holidays as a single with child at the 4*S Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort: A true holiday paradise for single parents

Holidays are all about relaxing and unwinding – and this is even more true when holidaying as a single with child!

And the holiday can actually be very relaxing for the grown-up part of this type of family – and really exciting for the less-grown-up part of it! To make sure that your time here is a success for everyone involved, we also offer holidays for singles with child – and not just any holidays, we are talking about the ultimate in relaxing and fun holidays at our 4*S Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort in Tyrol.

We try really hard to ensure that single parents in particular have enjoyable HOLIDAYS

It can be really hard work bringing up a child as a single mum or dad. That’s why a “Single with child” holiday is a particularly important time for single-parent families. It’s a time to recharge the batteries, relax and unwind and put the focus on having an enjoyable HOLIDAY with the children.

At the 4*S Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort, we have specialised in holidays for singles with child. It’s true that we didn’t make much of a contribution to the amazing nature that surrounds us – but we do make sure that you have the best possible opportunities to enjoy it. For example, you could explore the surroundings and enjoy new experiences on a tour, on mountain bikes or while having fun on the ski slopes together. However, there is one thing that we are sure of: Single parents need some time to themselves! That’s why the Galtenberg Resort gives you the time you need to take a breather with its childcare offering.

Maybe you will use this time on holiday with your offspring to treat yourself to some of our wellness offerings? It REALLY does you good just to lie down and let the professionals go to work! That’s because they will immediately take the weight of the daily grind off your tired shoulders and your holiday will become a true fountain of youth in no time!

Why not book your “Single with child” holiday at your 4*S Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort in Tyrol today? We look forward to seeing you here!