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Sustainability at the Galtenberg Resort

As a family business, it is not only the well-being of our guests and employees that is particularly close to our hearts. We are confronted with the issue of sustainability on a daily basis and take an honest and transparent approach towards our guests and customers.
For us, sustainability means

Ecologically sensible – Economically efficient –
Socially compatible.

In our high-quality and often exclusive tourism industry, it is unfortunately not always possible to work sustainably in all areas and at all times. The challenge, especially in an industry that has grown and developed over decades, to meet today’s many requirements is therefore enormous. In every step of the Galtenberg Resort’s development, we have always relied on the most modern technologies and thus also achieved a high degree of sustainability. Our primary goal has always been to offer every guest their holiday experience and the associated services without any noticeable restrictions in terms of quality and availability. Together with our local suppliers and service providers, we are constantly developing and using every opportunity to become even more sustainable.

Culinary delights

It is a special concern of ours that you feel our holiday region with all your senses. Culinary delights also play a special role in this. This is varied and combines regional, seasonal and sustainably produced food with the regional and international culinary creations on offer. As far as possible, we always make sure to source regional products in order to keep transport distances as short as possible and thus also support local businesses. We also make sure to avoid small packaging wherever possible, such as butter, spreads, jams, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise etc.

Sustainable food waste – disposal

In order to avoid food waste, the portion sizes are adapted to average needs. However, it is always possible for our guests to have a second helping. We dispose of the food leftovers and organic kitchen waste via our own Bio Tech input station. The biomass is temporarily stored in two underground tanks of 12 m³ and 22 m³ and collected as needed for utilisation in biogas plants and conversion into environmentally friendly energy.

Ein Teller mit Essen und ein Glas Bier auf einem Tisch im Galtenberg Resort


Our energy supplier strives to produce and supply us with 100% of the electricity we need from Tyrolean hydroelectric power. In the winter months, up to 20 % of the required electricity may also have to be imported from renewable energy sources abroad.

With our modern energy management system, we reduce the peak electricity load by up to 50 percent without any restrictions on ongoing operations. This also includes the fact that we use 99.9 per cent LED light bulbs, have central printers and do not use mini-bars or refrigerators in our rooms and suites as standard. However, such devices are available to every guest on request and will be installed in the room/suite if required. In this way, this comfort is only used by those who really need it and a lot of such devices are not operated unused, as is the case elsewhere.


galtenberg hotel (76)

In 2004, we were one of the first to install a wood chip heating system and supply the entire hotel with it. In 2019, our expansion project started and the space for the heating system built in 2004 became too small. Subsequently, an external heating plant was planned, which has not yet been realised due to the Corona crisis. In the meantime, we have installed a modern oil heating system and designed it in such a way that it can later be used as a backup for our resort. For all sustainability, it is still necessary in such a business to have a secure supply in case of possible failures.

Our cooling and ventilation systems are also equipped with a heat recovery concept. The energy recovered in this way is fed directly into the pool heating system, for example.

The appliances in the kitchens and buffet areas are also all connected to the energy optimisation and heat recovery system.

Instead of key cards, we use reusable wristbands in conjunction with our internal electronic locking and payment system. This saves on printing and reproduction costs and is therefore also good for the environment.

Connys Winetable 2

Housekeeping & Hotel Laundry

In our in-house laundry, our employees work with the most modern equipment with energy management or energy recovery and take care of table linen, towelling and kitchen linen. The rest of the laundry is processed by a sustainable industrial laundry.

ECO- Plaster & Detergent

Our detergents and cleaning agents are eco-certified. By using dosing systems for the chemicals, only as little as possible and as much as necessary is used.

Mitarbeiter in einem Flur im Galtenberg Resort.

Wellness areas

With our modern swimming pool control and water treatment, we offer our guests unadulterated bathing fun from 7 a.m. until at least 9 p.m. on special evenings. On special evenings even until midnight. This also applies to all other sauna and wellness facilities in the resort.

For example, we were one of the first companies to work on the development of an operating control system for the water slides. This now enables us to offer our guests bathing fun at any time without special operating times. Our systems reduce the pump output fully automatically as soon as there are no more guests in the swimming pool area; conversely, all systems start up as soon as there are guests to use them.

Other businesses still have to work with impractical opening hours that may or may not be suitable depending on the weather and the number of guests.

Junge fährt durch Wasserrutsche im Galtenberg Hotel.

Climate – friendly travel:

With us you can enjoy your holiday not only relaxed, but also environmentally friendly. If you arrive by train, we offer an e-shuttle or minibuses for up to 8 people .

Shuttle Service

Furthermore, you have the possibility to use the public Regio Bus free of charge not only during your entire stay, but already for your journey to our hotel – by presenting your booking confirmation.


During your entire stay “from day of arrival – including day of departure” you can travel free of charge on all Regio buses thanks to the Alpbachtal Card. The bus stop is 50 m away from the hotel.


If you arrive with an e-car, we provide you with an e-charging station. We can currently offer you over 12 charging stations for e-cars as well as e-bikes.

galtenberg tesla mieten

Only together are we strong:

We have introduced a contemporary tipping system for our employees. They also have the opportunity to use our entire infrastructure at certain times. By introducing the Galtenberg Member Card, all employees receive discounts on many services at the Galtenberg Resort and with partners.

Our employees also have the opportunity to borrow electric vehicles (free of charge) and sports equipment for summer and winter (at a discount) in their free time

In our crew canteen, which is open 24 hours a day, our employees enjoy free full catering 7 days a week.

Drei Köche kochen nachhaltig in einer Küche.

When it comes to sustainability, we achieve the most together!

  • Use public transport for your journey
  • Bring your own bathing shoes (we will be happy to provide you with these at the hotel on request)
  • Do without a daily change of hand and bath towels as often as possible
  • Water is a precious commodity – do not let it flow unnecessarily, please report dripping taps | shower heads | flushing toilets
  • Air the room only intermittently
  • Turn off the main switch when leaving the room to save energy
  • Use the free Regio Bus for your excursions
  • Take advantage of our service and choose your evening menu in the morning at breakfast and make a valuable contribution to the resource-saving use of our foodstuffs.
  • Use our free digital guest folder with all the information you need.
  • Be mindful of the fauna and flora during excursions and, for example, take your rubbish back to the hotel.
  • Respect the well-maintained land of our farmers and neighbours.
Ein kleines Mädchen hält einen Blumenstrauß im Galtenberg Resort.

What distinguishes us and what we are proud of:

Austrian Ecolabel

We are very pleased to welcome you to our state-awarded business!
We have been awarded the “Austrian Ecolabel”
by the Ministry of the Environment.

Da kommt´s her – a Tyrolean initiative

It is particularly important to us that we source as many products as possible regionally. Here are a few examples, fruit and vegetables from the Giner company, dairy products from Bergbauer Tirol, meat and sausages from the Strasser butcher’s shop and the surrounding farmers in the region, fresh pastries from the Sigwart bakery.

Bewusst Tirol

We also received an award from Bewusst Tirol for the second time for our high use of local products.


Familotel and sustainability belong together.
We are very proud to have received this sustainability seal.